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De Oiled Sunflower Cake


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    Protein: 26 – 28%
    Fiber: 25 – 32%
    Moisture: 11%
    Sand silica: 2%

    Sunflower meal is the by-product of the extraction of oil from sunflower seeds. Sunflower meal contains an excellent level of methionine which provides potential advantages for mixing with other meals. DOCs are manufactured with the use of specialized technique, which keeps the nutritional content intact.

    Sunflower meal has the potential to be a major feed ingredient for poultry in many countries not suitable for extensive soya bean cultivation. It is a good source of protein with amino acid availability similar to those of soya bean meal, and much higher than those in cottonseed or rapeseed meals.

    Sunflower Meal is generally quite palatable. It has high nutritional value and rich in vitamin E.


    The inclusion of sunflower meal in broiler diets may vary depending on the fiber content of the meal, the lysine and/or energy supplementation of the diet. Sunflower meal can successfully replace soybean meal in case of broilers, provided that diets are supplemented with adequate amounts of lysine and energy.


    Sunflower meal can be safely included up to 20% level in cattle ration. The use of high fiber sunflower cakes (undecorticated) is restricted to the feeding of adult ruminants, whereas, the decorticated cake is a digestible high-protein feed that can be used freely for all livestock. As the cakes are hard, they are best fed ground and incorporated in compound cattle feeds. Sunflower meal can be used as the sole source of protein to feed animals. It is biologically and economically useful protein source for cattle.

    Layer farm feed:

    It can be used at 12% in layer diets without impaired performance and egg quality parameters. Diets formulated on digestible amino acid basis improved eggshell percentage and egg specific gravity.


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