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Choline Chloride for Animal Feed


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    Choline Chloride supports the immune system of animals. It is also known for its ability to increase fertility, accelerate weight gain and improve the quality of litter eggs. Choline is involved in the formation and maintenance of normal cell structure and controls muscle function, respiratory function, heart function and brain memory. For this reason, Choline Chloride is one of the most appreciated feed additives.

    Choline Chloride in poultry feed

    Choline content in natural feeds is inconsistent and its bio-availability cannot be predicted, choline is added externally to feeds. Among other factors, the level of natural choline content in plant feeds is influenced by plant growing conditions, such as climate, variety, soil, and location.

    Chicken breeders are well aware of the role of choline in preventing diseases such as perosis and liver enlargement of the birds. It has been a widely used supplement in livestock and poultry nutrition for nearly 100 years. Choline prevents abnormal storage of fat in the liver, which ensures proper body metabolism and efficient utilization of nutrients. It also supports the proper functioning of the nervous system and ensures its harmony.

    Choline supplementation allows satisfactory weight gain in chickens and hens, but it is important to adjust the level of supplementation to the species and the current weight of the animal, as excessive supplementation does not provide noticeable benefits and, like anything in excess, may prove harmful.

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