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Free Range – Desi Bird Feed, Grower


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SKU 23-010-073

    Best in town, Free Range – Desi Bird Feed, Grower Feed is now available for farmers with free range poultry birds. This is a Weight Gain Formula.

    This feed helps in

    • Strong Bones
    • Muscle Gain
    • Weight Gain
    • Free from any Antibiotics and Growth Hormones
    • Easy to Digest for Poultry

    A new type of feed has been designed specifically for free-range birds. It’s packed with all the important nutrients found in deep litter to keep these birds healthy. Even though free-range birds tend to eat less because they can find their own food, this special feed doesn’t stop them from growing well. It’s made with everything they need – like vitamins and minerals – so that farmers can take care of their birds while letting them roam and find their own food. This new feed is a big step forward in how we take care of free-range birds, making sure they stay healthy and strong.

    Available in packs of 10, 25, 50 kg bags
    Feed Form: Mash
    Rate is per Kg


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